Air Clutches and Brakes

  • Styles CB, VC, CM, EB, and ER

  • Dy-A-Flex

Brake Blocks

Butterfly Valves

  • Industrial and Oilfield Resilient

Casing and Pipe Handling Tools

  • Slips, Clamps, and Elevators

  • Tong Dies and Slip Inserts

  • Tongs (Manual and Power)

Centrifugal Pumps and Parts

  • Style 118

  • Style 178

  • Style 250

  • Skid Mounted Products

Couplings and Connectors

  • Bolted Sleeve

  • Expansion Joints

  • Grooved-End Products

Drawworks Components

Float Valves and Accessories

  • Baffle Plates

  • Float Valve Pullers

Flowline / Red Iron

  • Choke and Plug Valves

  • Hammer Unions

  • Integral Fittings

  • Pump Joints and Swivel Joints

Fluid End Expendables for Mud Pumps

  • Liners

  • Pistons

  • Rods and Clamps

  • Valves and Seats

Fluid End Modules and Accessories

  • Manifolds

  • Rings, Valve Caps, and Plugs

  • Valve Guides and Retainers

Hose - Oilfield

  • BOP

  • Choke and Kill

  • Circulation

  • Rotary and Vibrator

Kelly and IBOP Valves

Mud Handling Equipment

  • Desanders/Desilters

  • Mud Agitators

  • Mud Buckets (Metal and Fiberglass)

  • Mud Hoppers and Mud Guns

  • Shakers and Screens

Mud Line Valves and Accessories

  • Gate Valves

  • Manifold Fittings
    - Studded Tees and Crosses
    - Sweep Tees, Ells, and Goosenecks

  • Mud Gauges - Type D, F, and E

  • Shear Relief Valves

Paint and Industrial Coatings

Pollution Prevention and Reclamation

  • Absorbents

  • Bioremediation Products

  • Pit Liners

Power Transmission Products

  • API Oilfield Roller Chain

  • Mud Pump V-Belts

  • Sprockets and Sheaves

Pulsation Dampners and Parts

  • PD45/55 - K10/20

  • Replacement Bladders and Accessories

  • 5-Way Manifold Blocks

Rig Light Fixtures

Ring Joint Gaskets

Rubber Goods

  • BOP Rams and Seals

  • Drill Pipe Protectors

  • Pipe Wipers


  • Washpipe and Washpipe Packing

  • Quick Changes and Accessories

Thread Compounds

  • Drill String

  • Casing and Tubing

Wire Rope Assemblies

Plus Bulk Orders of General Supplies

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